Purple Passion Great Finds… vote for your fav!!

The New Great Finds is up and running! Stop by and see all the wonderful items! Please take a minute to vote for your favorite and share with your friends and family. Lots of talent to be found there! Congratz to Essensu.. last weeks winner!

Sneak Peak at the Next Great Finds – Purple Passions

Share the Love – Featured Artisan!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Ruth – RSS Designs in Fiber. Ruth has beautiful creations to decorate your home! Stop by RSS Designs in Fiber and see for yourself! You can find Ruth on:
Here is the link for the code: http://www.box.net/shared/uvog7l6m16

Cherries and Cream Great Finds

Cherries and Cream Great Finds is up an running… stop by and
vote for your favorite item! Lots of great items this week. All
Members of On Fire for Handmade Group!

Featured Artisan Vaudeville Gypsy

Vaudeville Gypsy is On Fire for Handmade

This weeks Featured Artisan is Vaudeville Gypsy. Vaudeville Gypsy creates jewellery, costume & accessories with Vintage glamour and style. You can find Vaudeville Gypsy on:



You can grab the code for your blogs here: http://www.box.net/shared/gptqtfxl4m


Fantasy in Blues Great Finds

Fantasy in Blues Great Finds is up and running! Congratz to Ginalimosaics.. Last weeks Winner.
Stop by and see all the wonderful blue creations on this weeks Great Finds. Be sure to take a minute to Vote for your Fav!! Lots of Great Talent to be found here!!

Maple Groves’ Women of Today!

Are you On Fire for Handmade?  http://onfireforhandmade.com

Read more by clicking on the Pictur above! Great Blog about Maple Grove’s Women of Today. Our very own Lise – Lottie’s Trinkets is featured! Lovely booth, lovely creations and a Lovely Lady!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Hazel – My Gemstone Designs. Hazel has wonderful creations in all her shops! A Very active supporter of handmade and a lovely person, Hazel is a joy to all she meets! You can find My Gemstone Designs at”
She also has 2 other shops: Classy Classic Jewels and Big and Beautiful

Sea and Sky Great Handmade Finds

Are you On Fire for Handmade? http://onfireforhandmade.com

Great Finds

Sea and Sky Great Finds…. Stop by and see who won last weeks Great Finds and while you are there
Take a minute to vote for your favorite this week! Great Handmade Finds!

Share the Love – Blogger’s Unite

Are You On Fire for Handmade?
This weeks Featured Artisan is Jewels by Trish. Beautiful creations by a beautiful person.  Trish uses a wide variety of gemstones, pearls and crystal in her creations! You can fine Jewels by Trish on:
Grab the code for your blog here: http://www.box.net/shared/vz9h4qjk77
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