Handmade Sites » onfireforhandmade.com


Handmade Sites » onfireforhandmade.com.

Featuring Handmade Artists today. Thank you to Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen for this wonderful site!

Featured Artisan – “Artistico”

This weeks Featured Artisan is Kostas – Artistico!

Kostas Tsipos


I have always been a creative person. Ever since I can remember my self, I wanted to work with anything that had to do with art. Being able to express myself through art and to better understand the world around me is a journey I never want to end…

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Handmade Delights.. Burgundy red and Sand by Anne on Etsy


Handmade Delights.. Burgundy red and Sand by Anne on Etsy.

On Fire for Handmade Site has a New Look!


On Fire for Handmade has a new Look… New home for the On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide Too!

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